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What is the meaning of ERP when buying a new boiler or pump MDS provides the facts

What is ERP (Energy related products) in boilers and heating products

In October 2009 the EU applied a framework for setting the energy efficiency requirements of energy related products which is known as the ERP Directive. ERP products are those that use energy or have an impact upon consumption, like car tyres, shower heads etc. By improving the products across Europe it would reduce environmental impact and lead to financial savings for businesses and end users.

The EU ERP Directive aims to eradicate over a period of time poor performing energy consuming products and reduce carbon emissions with the goal of reaching the Eu’s targets that have been set. A 20% reduction in Greenhouse emissions from 1990 levels. A 20% improvement in overhaul energy efficiency in Europe along with a 20% increase in energy produced from renewables.

As of September 2015 the ERP performance requirements will apply to residential and commercial heating products. This includes boilers, water heaters and pumps. ERP has two directives, Eco design and also Energy labelling. Eco design will ensure new products will meet ERP standards at the point of manufacture whilst labelling will provide clear details on energy efficiency of the product. Typical ratings will be from G to A+++ and these will be clearly labelled. New products bought should now be up to ERP if they are not they will be old stock. You can read more about the EU Directive through this link (should you have the stomach for more) serously though when buying a new boiler from a reputable manufacturer ERP is now law and just standard so please do not be concerned. Call MDS for our latest offers.

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