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Aquabion water conditioners as an alternative to salt based water softening reviewed by MDS

Water conditioner Aquabion instead of a salt based water softener

The problem with London water is that it is quite hard and that means increased Lime scale forming in pipes, boilers and hot water tanks. Lime scale will increase significantly in hot water environments as scale is shed at increased temperatures. The result of Lime scale is at best inconvenient but more serious consequences include the blocking up of pipes and heat exchanger in heating and hot water fitments along with scale residues on bathroom equipment like taps and showers. Costs of repairs can be very significant often involving replacement of big ticket items like boilers and pump as well as shower valves. Whilst a salt based water softener is excellent at softening water they are not suitable for drinking water and also the water used to fill a central heating systems. A water conditioner is therefore an excellent option.

Not all water conditioners are equal!

Water conditioners have been around for many years and a lot of combination boiler manufacturers insists the heating engineer installs one on their boilers. Unfortunately the bulk water conditioner market is mostly aimed at low cost items to cover the small print in the boiler installation guide. The average engineer will buy the cheapest option which means the lowest cost lowest specification item which even then is of dubious benefit. Aquabion is certainly not in that bracket. The Aquabion is a highly engineered Galvanic water conditioner built to the highest German engineering specifications and is made to last. Aquabions can be reengineered at a later date to replace the exhausted galvanic core. The Galvanic method is based upon a sacrificial anode made of Zinc with multiple chambers causing a swirling process which causes minute amounts of Zinc to be given off protecting surfaces and reducing Lime scale deposits.

Uses of an Aquabion

Aquabion can be used in all situations from simply just protecting a single appliance like a shower or washing machine. Whole house applications and even large industrial systems can all be protected. Large hotel and restaurant chains as well as Government premises use Aquabion to help protect against Lime scale. You can buy Aquabion in the London area direct from MDSplumbing and heating supplies or purchase online at trade prices. Aquabion is not to be confused with low cost devices that simply do not perform their function but is a high quality long lasting product designed and engineered to exacting standards. You can read more via the Clickon web site about this fantastic alternative to a salt based water softener.