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Ariston combination boilers are a great low cost option for boiler replacements

Ariston boilers are proving to be a great low cost option for boiler replacements and at MDS we are finding Ariston is a leading seller. Low cost and built as well as any other boiler in the market the clever installers are purchasing for new installations and replacing older boilers. At the really low cost MDS is selling Ariston boilers you can replace old boilers for remarkably little cost. Our standard package of boiler comes with the new ERP compliant 24KW combi a standard flue and a built in timer. There are no hidden extras to worry about. Customers like the Ariston because of its outstanding value. Engineers love the simplicity of the Ariston boilers installation so the boiler proves to be an all-round winner. One of our biggest markets in recent times has been the Landlord market who are a canny lot looking for a bargain. Ariston’s are fast to install and prove to be the best value for a modern well-built combination boiler. Of course there are more than one model, Ariston produce a full range of boiler models for different requirements along with all the flue and installation components you might need. For a low cost supplier of Ariston boilers contact MDS in South London on 020 8778 2887 or call into the friendly trade counter for unbeatable service and really cheap prices.

Ariston Combination Boiler