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Buy Worcester boiler spares online

When buying Worcester boiler spares online there are a few points that you should bare in mind. It is most important that the company you choose should be trustworthy and suitably experienced to deal with this very technical market. Worcester boilers have set up a network of profile stockists in…

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Which is the best shower to install?

When installing a shower you should make your decision on model after considering a few things. If you are spending time and good money on installing a new shower you want years of good service and if there ever is a problem access to spare parts and technical advice. After almost…

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Where can I get spare parts for Potterton Puma boilers?

There are many Potterton Puma boilers still working happily away in houses all over the U.K.  At MDS we appreciate the need to keep boiler spare parts for this model in stock. Surprisingly large amounts are sold which goes to show how many boilers are still out there working ,…

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Where can I buy a fan for a Worcester boiler?

Buying a fan for a Worcester boiler is really quite simple. MDS plumbing and heating merchants in London has a huge selection of Worcester boiler parts. Being a profile stockist even if the part is  direct on thrare they can normally supply in 24 hours. Parts can be purchased from their…

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Where can I buy Worcester boiler spares?

Worcester boilers are now a well known boiler manufacturer in the u.k. Well known for reliability and after sales service these boilers will require spare parts from time to time.  The Worcester company has set up a network of profile spare part stockists.  Profile stockists are expected to hold a…

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Where can I find a plumbers merchant in London?

Finding a really good plumbers merchant is a difficult thing. A good supplier of plumbing and heating materials can be a real help when carrying out all those essential repairs and installations. At MDS plumbers merchants good stock holding and product knowledge are just part of the service . MDS has…

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