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Baxi Combi Boiler Spares and Spare Parts

It seems like this range of boilers have been around forever and they almost have. Just about everybody has lived in a house or flat where there is a Potterton or Baxi boiler. The Baxi boiler range is still one of the biggest selling boilers in the U.K even after all this time. A fantastic range of combination boilers along with floor standing and wall mounted appliances to suit just about every situation. Even if you need a Baxi Back Boiler they still provide one now with a even newer and wider range of fire fronts both modern and traditional.

Baxi and Potterton spares are one of our most important sales brands due to the popularity of these boilers. Did you know that MDS is now one of the largest suppliers of Baxi and Potterton boiler spares? It is a fact that there is not much we do not hold and with our belief in continual expansion of our spares stock we intend to keep it that way. That’s why we ship parts all over Britain. MDS is now becoming a trusted brand in the heating world known for its great prices and reliability. Remember we sell boilers, we sell spare parts, that’s our business!

Baxi Boilers