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Boiler parts and spares stockist in South London increasing stock on remanufactured items

Boiler parts stockist MDS is increasing the level of remanufactured boiler parts using the Reman Brand. Reman specialise in remanufacturing boiler parts to a very high level of standard. In fact the standard is so high it exceeds the original standard. Reman give three years warranty of their remanufactured parts. Whilst the range at present is fairly small they are producing key boiler spares for leading boiler makers and their range is growing all the time. MDS is a stockist of most brands of boiler parts but it is now hard to ignore environmental issues and recycling materials in an efficient way like this is a great boost for green issues. When a part is remade the way Reman produce then you have a better than new boiler part. Longer life expectancy than the original is a real plus and also you save money. Typically a Reman boiler replacement part will cost about 30% less than a new spare so what is not to like. Contact MDS and find out about our part exchange Reman parts giving new life to old products, saving you money and helping the planet. It is essential that you exchange your old boiler spare at time of purchase to keep the cycle going allowing more old spares to remain working and not in land fill. Find out more about the growing trend of remanufactured spares with MDS.