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Boiler reviews from MDS the London stockist see what we sell and why customers buy them

We thought we would review a few of our big selling boilers and share the real reasons why customers but them. Because we sell so many boilers direct to the customer we really have our finger on the pulse. MDS knows by talking to buyer’s everyday what are the real reasons and because we understand boilers and heating we know about the true value.


Now Worcester Bosch really are a big hitting brand. A big range of boilers largely targeted at the domestic market and currently the number 1 in the U.K. Worcester are a very popular boiler with the trade and public and it is fair to say that have fine aftersales support which is amongst the very best but what else drives there sales. Installers when registered with Worcester enjoy a number of benefits like extended warranties, promotional items along with days out but also in many cases financial support in the form of rebates. The company is a very big investor in advertising and promotion, even sponsoring the weather news. Are the boilers exceptionally better than the opposition? probably not! Certainly well engineered and designed with great back up if it goes wrong the Worcester boiler is a fairly standard decent boiler with huge marketing. MDS sell a lot! People ask for Worcester Bosch by name and pay the price which is at the highest end of the scale. A good boiler with fantastic marketing but great aftersales service


Another big brand at the top of the U.K sellers. Very popular with installers in the London area Vaillant are another boiler producer with a large range of well-engineered boilers for the home heating market. Generally a reliable product that looks good to. A new addition to the list of Vaillant boilers is the Ecotec Pure known as a genuine cupboard fit boiler with a handy rear flue option. We sell a similar number of Vaillant to Worcester which means a lot once again. Vaillant is a large innovative company that has been in the business of hot water and central heating for many years and has always kept updating its products. A reliable heating boiler and certainly good with combi boiler design. A great selling boiler with decent aftersales which has been improving in recent years compared to sometime ago. A great but once again not low cost option with good warranties. It is often hard to get an installer to change from this brand to another. Trouble free sales from our trade counter and repeat business means there is not likely to be much wrong with these boilers.


A few short years ago the Ideal boiler brand was on its last knockings! A run of duff combi boilers were disastrous for Ideal and the company was on the point of failure. Ideal took a big gamble and invested heavily in a new range of boilers with the help of a new design team and came up with the Ideal Logic and the Independent. Well things really have turned around over the last 7 or 8 years. With growing sales and reputation along with a very aggressive pricing policy making Ideal boilers extremely competitive in the market Ideal now enjoy second position. It was sometime before MDS started to sell Ideal boilers because we were reluctant to promote the Brand after some of their earlier disasters but that is now in the past. Ideal are now amongst our top four big selling no trouble boilers. The Independent is our biggest selling Ideal because it is great value for a well-made reliable boiler that is compact in size and low in price. Landlords and people on a budget love the two year warranty knock down price model. Another great seller that does not give us after sales problems. Very poplular with our trade customers and also enjoying a lot of repeat business.


A bit of a surprise this one. Did you know that the Ariston Group is the world’s largest producer of hot water heating equipment? Ariston produce a good range of boilers for the U.K market and have a state of the art production unit in Italy which has and still is receiving big investment in automated production. We are selling very successfully the Evo Combi, a low cost boiler with a good warranty and an extraordinarily low cost. Another company like Ideal which lost its way for some years before upping their game and making a comeback. Ariston boilers have improved in reliability, looks and service and with their ability to produce boilers at low production costs they are doing well. Not the biggest brand in boiler names but certainly a big company. A great value product which is very popular with customers seeking a value product. The value price tag is the price you pay when your marketing is not the biggest in the industry. Remember when we spoke about Worcester Bosch? Well because of the lack of big brand name an Ariston boiler will cost about £400 to £500 less than a comparable Worcester combi but that is the price for not sponsoring the weather.

We hope you have found this informative. We have only pointed out the basic information but it is that what really counts. Manufacturers produce glossy promotional literature but that is just what it is. At MDS of London we get to hear what our customers say and rest assured when we come accross a howler of a heating boiler we drop it like a brick. Aftersales problems is the last thing we need so if a boiler is aproblem the we do not sell it.