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Buy a replacement Worcester boiler for your old Worcester Junior combi

Replace your old Worcester Junior boiler with a modern energy efficient replacement and save money on your purchase at MDS in Lewisham. If you have an old Worcester combination boiler such as a Junior or even a 24i RSF the replacing that boiler will give improved efficiency and greater reliability. Although at MDS we would only suggest replacing a boiler when it is breaking down too often and there are problems which will cost a lot of money to fix. Just because a boiler is old it can still be very reliable and the savings on replacement would be outweighed by the installation costs. If it is established that you’re old Worcester needs upgrading then contact us on 020 8778 2887 or call into our trade counter where we can give you the best no obligation advice on whether you should replace of fix. Buying a new boiler is really low cost at MDS where we apply big discounts along with great service. An entry level Worcester which will suit most domestic flats and small house applications is the GreenStar 25i or for a bit more power the 30i.Dimension are small like the price, only 700mm high and 400mm wide and 330mm deep but don’t forget there is a flue on top. This is a compact and durable boiler aimed at updating the older more basic models. Being a Worcester GreenStar it is fully condensing so really economical to run. So whatever you require in gas boilers chat to the MDS team before making those big decisions and be sure of saving money. MDS is based in Lewisham, South London and has customer car parking along with transport links.

Worcester combination boiler i small low cost and reliable