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Buy Ideal boilers from London stockist MDS at best prices why pay more?

Buy Ideal gas boilers from MDS in London. Why choose an Ideal boiler? Simply the Ideal boiler range, especially the Independent model offers outstanding value for money. With a standard warranty of two years and a seven year warranty on the Plus models it really is great value. Ideal boiler components are subjected to extensive quality testing procedures and are guaranteed to be produced for a minimum of ten years after boiler model production ceases. Before an Ideal boiler is shipped from the factory it will pass through 200 hundred quality control checks. Customer services operates for 364 day per year for customer support (01482 498663). Ideal Independent boilers are manufactured with ease of installation as a major factor. Ideal boilers produce all the required flue options to enable easy installation in just about any property. When you choose a new Ideal boiler you are buying a boiler which has benefited from a great deal of experience in long term production. Earlier models are updated and improved continually always improving as a product. The Independent boiler is a firm favourite with professional installers and the Landlord thinks the ease of operation is a winner with their tenants. Simple to use controls are important for rental properties. Call MDS on 020 8778 2887 now and checkout our prices now. Customer parking available and close by transport links.