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Buy Intergas boilers from South London stockist based in Lewisham

Buy the popular Intergas boiler from South London stockist MDS. Intergas boilers are proving to be very popular with the trade and the discerning end user. What is so special about an Intergas boiler against more mainstream brands? Intergas use a special heat exchanger which does away with many moving parts that you would find in a more common boiler. By eliminating components such as diverter valves and flow groups the boiler is simply more reliable and less prone to breakdown. The Intergas boiler is sturdy and well made with the most reliable heat exchanger ever produced. Cost of the boiler is more favourable than the big named boilers but reliability is higher due to only four moving parts. Intergas boilers are gaining in popularity all the time due to these excellent design features. You can contact MDS for a quotation or just some advice with no obligation. Our knowledgeable staff can help you make the right decision on whichever Intergas boiler you require and it will be at the very best price you will find. If you are considering updating your old boiler or are carrying out a new installation then consider the Intergas boiler for simple yet reliable operation and low cost replacement parts. Contact sales on 020 8778 2887 now.