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Buy Vaillant Ecofit Pure boilers in Lewisham, Forest Hill and Catford South London from main stockist

Buy the new Vaillant Ecofit Pure boiler from London stockist MDS serving Lewisham and all surrounding districts. The new Ecofit range of boilers from Vaillant are high efficiency rated with low emissions and also come a reputation for reliability and performance. The Vaillant Ecofit  is an ultra-quiet approved boiler that can be installed with a standard top flue or the new rear flue option. This enables the Ecofit to be installed in even more situations. The new design enables easy access to work on the boiler for maintenance. Being small and compact the Vaillant Ecofit Pure can be installed in a cupboard. Having a clear LED display the boiler is easy to operate and comes with a fault code system to diagnose faults. The new Ecofit heat exchanger is a made of Aluminium for higher efficiency and long life. The Vaillant Ecofit comes with a standard five year warranty but this can be extended up to ten years. You can buy these boilers from MDS on the trade counter or give us a call on 0208 778 2887.

Vaillants latest boiler the Pure with rear flue