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Buying a bathroom or a boiler in South London has never been easier or cheaper than dealing with MDS

Bathrooms, boilers and plumbing materials at the lowest prices in South London from MDS. If you are looking to carryout home improvements, building renovations or central heating upgrades then contacting MDS in Sydenham could save you a lot of money. We sell a huge range of bathrooms at discounted prices, simply take away our range of brochures full of bathrooms, information and dimensions then make your list and we will sort the rest and can even deliver to your door. Central heating materials and boilers are second nature to us. We can help you decide what is right for you and your project. We can provide you with recommendations based on your genuine requirements for a boiler and also in line with your budget. Buying big ticket items that you or your customer will live with for a long time is a serious business and should be thought about carefully. The great thing about dealing with a customer orientated company like MDS is that you are in control. There is no pressure or obligation to make a purchase. Get your information and all the prices you need then either make a purchase or not after you consider your options. Under no circumstances will MDS try to influence or pressurise you into buying but we are confident that you will return and buy after you compare us with other suppliers. Whatever your project in the coming year if the is plumbing, bathrooms, boilers or heating involved you should consider getting materials priced at MDS of South London. MDS is a long established supplier of all plumbing and heating materials, we have customer parking and close by public transport links.