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Buying a new bathroom at MDS

Buying a new bathroom

need not be a challenging experience. Above all when you install your new bathroom it should be enjoyable. Regularly at MDS we supply customers with new low cost bathrooms. Under no circumstances should you feel pressurised to make a decision. MDS are a local company that sells bathrooms and showers. Before you buy you should contact us. As a rule MDS can provide you a new bathroom and save you money. We sell a wide range of leading bathroom brands. Likewise we sell showers and taps all at discounted pricing. In particular MDS provide no obligation quotations that you can take away. Only when you are happy do you buy. Generally our customers like to see our showroom but take away a selection of brochures. In the comfort of your home you will make the best decisions. Buying a new bathroom or shower should not be hurried.

Compared to other suppliers

we are confident you will return and buy. Before making that important purchase feel free to check our pricing. In addition to new bathrooms and showers we sell all kinds of plumbing equipment. In short we are a one stop shop for the bathroom and plumbing installer. MDS has experienced staff who patient and not pushy. Buying and installing a new bathroom will enhance your property and add value. In particular it will give you years of pleasure. Furthermore buying the right equipment at discounted pricing will help with the budget. In short at MDS we know how important the customer is. Contact the team by email or call on 020 8778 2887. Subsequently just call in to the trade counter or bathroom showroom. To summarize do not buy a new bathroom without contacting MDS. The savings could be bigger than you think.

Bathroom showroom and supplier

MDS Showroom