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Costly boiler parts? Remanufacturing has to be a part of the future for all our benefit

I wrote a little article about the remanufacturing of boiler parts to which a great deal of Vaillant and Gas Safe registered engineers participated one way or another. I thought I had said my piece then but many things still bother me about the cost and the waste of replacement parts. What sparked my feelings today was that I needed a new battery pack for a well-known vacuum cleaner and on contacting them they gave me a price which was pretty steep but it is a part that is made for them (a bit like a boiler part really) but after my sharp intake of breath the sales person then said why not replace the vacuum cleaner. I said the item is over £300 and is only three years old why would I not fix it? He seemed surprised that I did not take up the offer and chuck a perfectly good item away but he is clearly under instruction to convert these spares to new appliance sales. Now I started to think once again about boilers. Time and time again at MDS LTD we have customers on our trade counter who require a fan and printed circuit board often coming to three or four hundred pounds and then they think about scrapping the boiler and often do so. Why fix it when you can buy a new boiler with warranties for £500? Surely now something needs to change? Manufactured items of substance need to last longer, spares need to be lower in cost and if that means introducing a system of genuinely recycling this stuff then let’s have it. When I talk about remanufacturing I do not mean replacing one resistor then spraying the board with lacquer and saying job done but a certified and guaranteed procedure like the PCB in our blogs. I used to laugh about recycling and did not worry about the environmental damage but now I am getting a sinking feeling about this stuff and the sheer scale of the problem along with the cost. Maybe it is time that we all started to get on the case of manufacturers who produce and market these boilers. After all is it not supposed to be Green in more than just name?