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Vaillant Boiler Flue Kits Non Original Counterfeits

Vaillant boiler flue kits non original counterfeits

Vaillant boilers flue kits non original counterfeit products! Incredible as it is but  literally thousands of counterfeit flue kits have entered the boiler market. To a first glance they will look like the original item. The flue boxes are printed up to look like the original but have a phoney barcode. Vaillant have issued a notice which is attached to this blog and gives full details so read it. Months on there still appearing out there.

Where have they come from and where are they being sold? It has been suggested by several sources that they are being produced abroad in maybe India. That has not yet been substantiated yet. These flue systems are turning up all over the country. Phoney flues appear to be sold from smaller shops without obviously Valliant’s knowledge or support. The products are considered to be inferior and require removal and replacement. You need to view the detailed PDF to spot the tell-tale signs of the counterfeit flue.

So why bother with a flue system?. Well counterfeiters like expensive products that are easy to replicate and  so carry a decent profit. Vaillant flue kits are not the cheapest product but they offer a profit to the unscrupulous. These people have spotted an opportunity and have moved remarkable numbers into the market.  They must have a supply chain. Please read and print off the PDF it may prove useful. Remember knock off goods are normally part of more sinister criminal set ups so they are not there for the benefit of mankind. Make sure you buy boilers and flues from a trustworthy supplier. This problem of phoney products is likely to increase in the future. No doubt more products will filter through with ever ingenious ideas.

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