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Good Housekeeping review of Ariston boilers read the article and buy from MDS London

Read the glowing review on Ariston boilers in a survey carried out by Good Housekeeping magazine and find out why MDS in Sydenham, Lewisham South London sell so many. This article shows that it is not just the outstanding value of the Ariston boiler that leads to increasing sales. MDS is a leading stockist of gas boilers in London and we have long noticed that Ariston boilers are becoming more and more popular. Because we are an independent heating stockist we sell all products and we have long been aware of a very low problem rate on new Ariston boilers. All makes of boilers can experience warranty issues but the much cheaper Ariston has fewer than most. This goes to show that Ariston boilers offer tremendous value to the money conscious. Everybody likes to save money but quality must still be maintained and the Ariston boiler gives remarkable value at the lowest cost to the end user. Why not contact MDS on 020 8778 2887 and check out the latest special prices on the Ariston boiler but only after you have read the Good Housekeeping customer rating article. MDS is based in Sydenham, South London and has a large customer car parking area and is also close to local transport links.

Ariston Combination Boiler