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Hard water in Dorset can be cured with the use of a good water softener buy online now

Hard water is a fact in Dorset but can easily be cured with the installation of a good water softener fitted by a plumber. When it comes to hard water the county of Dorset is up there, I know as I lived for many years in Poole. The only thing wrong with this beautiful county is the water. Hard water makes bathing, washing up and laundry less effective and all require more soap and detergents to give reasonable results. The installation of a good quality water softener like the Atlantis will completely change this. The quality of baths, showers and all other uses of water and detergents will be totally different. The only recommendation is that the drinking water and garden taps should be connected before the water softener itself. This will make sure there is no elevated salt levels to these supplies. A water softener is very simple to install and not dissimilar to fitting a washing machine. A competent trades persons will quickly access the installation for a suitable location. Modern water softeners are small and will even fit inside a cupboard or beneath a work surface so most homes can accommodate. Ongoing running costs are low when using a leading product like the Atlantis and all units come with a ten year warranty for peace of mind. To find out more about the technical side or the purchase price of a new Atlantis water softener click through the links. We are confident that if you buy one of the Atlantis water softeners and get your plumber to install you will be amazed at the savings you will make against other heavily marketed products. Before you buy check out our prices and we are confident you will purchase.