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How can I control my central heating boiler with a smart phone remotely

It is now possible to control your central heating remotely by using a I Phone or Android Smart phone and it can now be done as an affordable option. Remote control of a domestic central heating system and the boiler has been possible for quite some time but now with the latest technology you can program your boiler remotely with your phone. Imagine on a cold evening when you are returning home or you have become delayed you can switch on or off your heating. You can new reconfigure your central heating program simply by your smart phone and all at the most affordable price. This technology was once the devices of the super rich but any busy household can now afford it.The iT500 is a smart looking controller which will connect to your home router. It comes with a central heating programmer and boiler switch and when the electrical connection is fitted to the boiler it is a plug and play device. The iT500 is a one off purchase with no connection charges or ongoing service fees to pay. When you buy this unit there is no mobile charges, sim card costs or annual subscriptions. You can buy the iT 500 smart phone boiler controller from MDS ltd at the trade counter or you can order online from the secure web site at Clickon. Smart living has never been more affordable. This device can save you money and help with more comfortable and more convenient life style. Call MDS or go online to Clickon.