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Ideal boiler review see what really counts from MDS the heating experts

Our boiler review of the popular Ideal range of gas boilers.

If you are thinking about installing a new boiler then a few simple facts that can be understood by a non-heating engineer are very important so please read our simple guide. Ideal boilers have gained a lot of ground in recent years and are now competing in the top 3 boilers sold in the U.K. There are a number of different models on offer from the competitively priced to the higher end models designed to match the leading boilers from Worcester and Vaillant. Ideal do seem to more or less duplicate some of their boiler models but this is to do with manufacturing for distributors and also independent heating merchants. This can lead to some very good deals on certain boilers offering exceptional value.

Ideal Logic

The Logic boiler is classed as an entry level boiler designed for the standard domestic property with a wall mounted boiler typically mounted on a kitchen wall. The Logic includes items such as frost protection and an internal filling loop. Full ERP compliance giving good efficiency ratings. Overhaul an excellent value boiler.

Available Outputs

Logic Combi 24kw 9.9 litres per minute hot water delivery

Logic Combi 30Kw 12.4 litres per minute hot water delivery

Logic Combi 35Kw 14.5 litres per minute hot water delivery

A full range of flue accessories are available

2 Years Standard warranty

Ideal Logic Plus

The Plus range are a similar boiler with the same output but will fully modulate and is quieter in operation. The big selling feature on this boiler is the extended warranty of 7 years. As with all boiler warranties compliance of servicing and installation are important so as not to invalidate the guarantee.

Ideal Vogue

The big hitting brand of Ideal is a new addition to the Ideal range of boilers. An extremely well made boiler which is also pretty stylish reminding us of a Vaillant. The Vogue is certainly a premium boiler with a now extended 10 year warranty. Solid and well-engineered it does have a higher price tag but the warranty does justify the price. The Vogue of course has the usual things like frost protection, full modulation, built in filling loop and quiet operation. Full range of flue accessories etc.

Vogue Combi 26Kw with a 10.4 flow rate

Vogue Combi 32Kw with a 13.1 flow rate

Vogue Combi 40Kw with a 16.4 flow rate

10 Year Warranty


In all our reviews of combi boilers MDS suggests that you knock of about 10-15% of the flow rate. This is because combi boilers are tested at 35 degrees centigrade which is not the hottest of water. Slowing the flow a bit will increase the water temperature.

Ideal Independent Boilers

Very similar to the Logic range of boiler with a standard 2 year warranty and also a 7 year warranty on the Independent Plus boilers. The Ideal Independent is marketed through the independent heating merchants and not through the big national merchants. A very similar boiler to the Logic but at a lower price. This is one of the Ideal boilers that offers exceptional value and is certainly are biggest seller. As long as it is installed correctly and serviced annually this product offers fantastic value. A good brand name at a knock down price. What is there not to like?

Ideal Independent 24Kw will give 9.9 litres per minute

Ideal Independent 30Kw will give 12.4 litres per minute

Ideal Independent 35Kw will give 14.5 litres per minute

2 Year Warranty on the independent and 7 years on the Independent Plus model


Ideal boilers have gone from a trailing company in boilers that was near failure into one of the most successful boiler companies in the U.K. With their new boiler additions and aggressive pricing policy they have won their battle to increase sales and market share. The Ideal logic range of boilers was a winner from day one and now with the increased range of boilers Ideal is going from strength to strength. A great value buy offering a lot of product for your money with good reliability, a very popular boiler with the professional installers. Aways get your installer to check your gas and water services prior to installation. All combination boilers require adequate pipe sizing and flow rates to function correctly. MDS is a leading stockist of boilers and heating equipment and is know for low prices with excellent customer service.

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Ideal Boiler Review