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Ideal boiler stockist covering South and South East London has special promotions

South East London plumbing and heating stockist MDS based in SE26 5AJ and are running some great boiler promotions. MDS have an ongoing policy of running special offers on key products and at present Ideal boilers are one of those selected special offer products. The ideal Independent combination boiler has become one of our biggest selling boilers for a number of reasons. The Ideal boiler range has greatly improved over the last 7 or 8 years and has put together some well-made units that are incredible value. Back in the past Ideal was going down the tubes with some really shocking boilers but fortunately they brought in a new design team and went all out to produce the kind of boiler that the end user wants and the installer likes to fit. The Ideal Independent has now proved itself to be an absolute winner in the boiler market with its extended boiler warranty and proven reliability. As for the price, well how about £599 for a 24KW boiler with flue, clock and VAT or £666 for a more powerful 30KW boiler. The Ideal boiler range represents easily the best value combi boilers, well made and well-priced. Why not contact the MDS sales team to discuss which Ideal boiler is right for you. MDS give advice without obligation and we really can save you money. Wherever you are in South London and all South East surrounding areas contact us now for the very best boiler special offers.