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Ideal boiler stockist for London MDS

Ideal Boilers

Ideal London stockist MDS is offering amazing deals on boilers. Subsequently the Ideal central heating boiler is a very popular boiler. A small appliance the boiler is neat in appearance and fits in any kitchen. Therefore Ideal has grown in popularity over the last few years with installers. A boiler with above average reliability and introducing a low price tag. Now a big seller on our South London trade counter at MDS sales in Sydenham. We sell big brand boilers at low prices combined with great service. When choosing to buy from us contact our sales team and  save money.

Our biggest selling Ideal boilers

Namely our biggest seller in the Ideal boiler range is the Independent 24 KW and the 30 KW appliances. Additionally these two boilers represent outstanding value and reliability. Aimed at the domestic heating market in particularly for flats and small houses. Good hot water flow rates and both keep up with a large heating system. The new Ideal boiler is a far better unit than the older models. Featuring a nice simple operating system and timer on the combi. Simple to operate and fits just about anywhere. Interestingly the Ideal is a first choice for many professionals.

Buying and installing a new Ideal heating boiler does not cost a fortune. Therefore installing the condensing combi you will save on running costs. A new Ideal boiler comes with a long warranty giving you peace of mind. Choosing a new heating boiler is straight forward at MDS. The sales team will help you make a good choice. We provide written quotes and without obligation to buy. Importantly Millbrook Distribution and Spares are trusted because we have been trading for over thirty years. A knowledgeable member of staff will help you choose the most efficient boiler for your property. In conclusion do not buy an Ideal until you have contact MDS. Call now on 020 8778 2887 or email


Ideal Heating Boilers

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