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Ideal Independent gas combination boiler best prices from MDS

The Ideal Independent combination boilers are really proving to be a big success with our customers. The Independent boilers are proving to be firm choice with our installer customer base. The engineers seem to like the boiler for ease of installation and have found them to be very reliable and straight forward. Ideal seem to have a winner with this boiler and our sales are just growing all the time.

You can buy a 24kw and also a 30kw combination boiler from stock at MDS and the prices current as of Feb 2012 are

£582.24 inc v.a.t 24kw and

£630.00 inc v.a.t 30kw

Both boilers include flue and clock and the prices listed are with v.a.t. As you can see the prices are really very compelling. You can buy a good quality combination boiler which is now tried and tested at a price that makes sense. The ideal independent is one of the few combination boilers that is enjoying good sales growth which speaks for it’s self. Call in and check out our great deals now.