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Intergas boiler review by London heating stockist MDS

Intergas boiler review from London stockist MDS

Intergas boiler for central heating come in a number of models for the domestic market. The Netherlands produced condensing boilers are the HRE Compact range, Combi Compact Eco and the Rapid range aimed at the contract landlord cost competitive market. All three ranges of gas condensing boilers offer robust build quality and great value for money. If so why is Intergas not a much bigger selling brand in the U.K heating market? Simply put it is down to the big advertising budgets of the big U.K sellers which dominates most of the heating press and domestic advertising methods. Even your weather forecasting is sponsored by a boiler manufacturer. Put the advertising aside and the Intergas boiler is a great boiler which will operate reliably and has some excellent fundamental design feature which will ensure that it does so for a long time. What makes these boilers tick is a simple design with minimal moving parts. By reducing the boiler components to the minimum you reduce the amount of likely failures. No diverter valve or plate to plate heat exchanger removes two of the worst features at a stroke. An Intergas boiler relies upon its unique Aluminium heat exchanger which has a flow pipe for the heating and a hot water pipe for domestic supply. These two copper pipes are imbedded in a block heat exchanger which is easily the most robust in the industry. The innovative design means there has never been a recorded failure of one of these heat exchangers. The low moving part design means a more reliable boiler which is easy and cheap to maintain. Although the boiler is simple in design it is well engineered and very efficient in operation with an operating efficiency of 95.8% for domestic hot water. Because of the solid construction of the heat exchanger the Intergas is very quiet in operation. All Intergas heating boilers are Energy Trust recommended. The standard Combi Compact HRE comes with a 7 year warranty making the boiler a good choice. At MDS we sell all boilers from all manufacturers and the Intergas is by no means our biggest seller but we find that engineers and customers that really look into a heating product before making this important purchase are more likely to choose an Intergas, A boiler that has many merits and some of the most desirable points when choosing a heating product for the long term has to be contender in any short list. A solid dependable boiler which will cost less but will outperform its rivals is a wise choice for people who are not easily swayed by expensive and glossy advertising. A customer who uses their head will install an Intergas boiler and enjoy the benefits and ignore the hype. DOWNLOAD A BROCHURE NOW