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London stockist for Ultraheat radiators always a wide range in stock

MDS stock Ultraheat radiators because Ultraheat produce such a wide range of sizes making replacement of existing radiators simple. A major part of our radiator sales are for replacement of old domestic radiators which are inefficient and often rusting away. Because Ultraheat produce so many sizes it is usually possible to get an exact size match. This will cut down on labour costs when replacing old units. Modern radiators are better in appearances but also produce more heat per square meter. Not all radiators are equal though! Most radiators have a lower output than Ultraheat as Ultraheat make to the highest standard using the latest production equipment and design. When carrying out a new installation greater efficiency means smaller surface area which reduces the cost of each radiator. When sizing up an installation MDS can calculate the radiator outputs for you, all we need is the room size and the amount of external walls. This simple calculation will give a more accurate size so you do not install a radiator too small or too large for the room. If you treat your central heating system with a corrosion inhibitor your radiators will last indefinitely. Whatever your needs are for heating you can consult with MDS at no obligation just simply call in to us or phone the trade counter on 020 8778 2887.