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MDS plumbers merchant in Lewisham now stock the 4 in 1 Viva universal ballvalve

MDS has started stocking Viva plumbing product and the new 4 in 1 ballvalve with brass shank is an absolute winner with the customers. As a plumbers merchant supplying the trade and retail customers of South London we like to find new and exciting products and the Skylo Universal 4 in 1 float valve ticks all the boxes. This remarkable product will operate as a side or bottom inlet ballvalve and comes with to nice and solid brass connection pieces. One is 3/8th and the other is 1/2″ giving you four permutations of ballvalve applications. I know ballvalves are not exciting but put one of these in the back of the van and you will always have the right valve.. The Skylo ballvalve is a compact valve which means it will fit in small cisterns and spaces and with the solid brass connectors there will be no accidental cross threading. MDS plumbers merchant knows a great product when it sees it and this is one. As a stockist of plumbing and heating materials we even get an advantage, we can reduce the number of different ballvalves we stock. The Skylo 4 in 1 ballvalve really is a one size fits all product. Contact us on 020 8778 2887