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Megaflo unvented hot water cylinders and their alternatives buy from MDS London

Megaflo unvented hot water storage cylinders have become more popular in recent years but why should that be? For a long time installing unvented hot water was regarded as quite expensive and almost a bit complicated. Unvented stored hot water is actually quite simple and only a few basic points are essential. The first and probably the make or break rule is “Have you got adequate mains water pressure but also don’t forget adequate flow”. Without these two points your unvented hot water will be a waste of time. Using Megaflo cylinders is the priciest option, although a good product the Megaflo has only one outstanding feature which is an internal air gap to absorb water expansion as the temperature increases. All unvented cylinders require a means of taking up expansion but normally use an external expansion vessel. Reckon on an additional half hour installation time on a non Megaflo product like the Telford Tempest. By not using the big brand name of Megaflo you will save a great deal of money, maybe as much as 50% to 60% of the price. You still get a premium stainless steel product with a lifetime guarantee. A reason that unvented hot water is increasing recently we believe is the fact that many older copper cylinders are failing through age now and often people take advantage of the situation and replace with a new stainless steel tank. Liking the idea of high pressure hot water it is essential not to forget my previous points on PRESSURE and FLOW or you will waste your money. Any competent plumber can measure flow and pressure quite simply. There are ways and means of boosting mains water pressure but it can be quite expensive and needs to be considered, is it really important that you will want to pay the extra for resolving low pressure. Most houses and flats do have decent water pressure so have it checked first. MDS sells unvented hot water cylinders at lowest prices and can really help you come to the right purchasing decision. Do not leave your choice to chance but take up the MDS offer of free no obligation advice

Megaflo Cylinder

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