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Polypipe underfloor systems are British made long lasting and reliable buy at MDS London

Underfloor heating stockist MDS in South London prefers to market only a British system which will always be supported by Polypipe. We chose to sell Polypipe products many years ago because when it comes to plumbing and heating plastics it is essential that the products comes with a meaningful warranty and the only way to get that is to install a product with a long standing presence in the U.K. By choosing Polypipe MDS has gone with a British manufacturer supporting U.K jobs and incorporating a warranty that really will be there in years to come. Polypipe have now established themselves as the number one underfloor heating manufacturer with an outstanding range of products including controls and a wide range of floor panel systems. Using Polypipe underfloor heating there is practically no situation where you cannot install a heating system. Reliable tried and tested pipe and fittings means you can really fit and forget, taking for granted the long life of the product with guarantees to match their confidence in the product. Underfloor heating provide a warm comfortable heating system freeing up wall space and no ugly radiators. Whether you wish to carry out a single room project or a whole house renovation there will be a system for you. The huge range of Polypipe heating equipment means every job can be catered for. Polypipe is a true product for every project company with an in house design team for the more technical projects. Before you choose an underfloor heating system talk to MDS about Polypipe and see if we can provide you a more reliable, better system but also save you money. Installing an underfloor system needs to be for life so choose a system which can give you peace of mind and really go the distance. Not all underfloor systems are equal so choose wisely.