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Polyplumb plastic plumbing supplies and underfloor heating gain in popularity find London stockist

Polypipe have now been marketing their product Polyplumb for some years now and MDS plumbers merchants and gas spares stockist have been a stockist since it’s introduction to the market place. The product has grown steadily year by year in popularity with the trade and retail customer base. When I began in the plumbing and heating industry in 1973 as a general helper then a indentured apprentice things were very much different. The wonder product was copper pipes and fittings which were taking the place of lead and iron pipework. Projects were much slower to complete and to be honest the skill level required was much higher. That is not to say that plastic plumbing requires no level of care and knowledge to install.

Well now many years on plastic plumbing like Polyplumb has proved its worth and has shown itself to be a reliable and dependable product also opening up many new opportunities in installations like underfloor heating. With a small amount of research and a bit of care it is a product which can soon be mastered. Polyplumb is now a well established product produced by a leading British company which is more than capable of backing up it’s warranty unlike many of the import systems which can sometimes be fly by night. MDS carries a great stock of Polyplumb products and a whole range of Polypipe systems in stock and are more than happy to help and advise on your project. Polyplumb has proven to be an excellent choice when it comes to underfloor heating. Being a product that has been available for so many years it has now proven itself to be reliable and durable making it the first choice when it comes to underfloor heating. Why would you risk a product that has not demonstrated itself for more than 25 years in operation? Contact MDS on 020 8778 2887 or call into our freindly trade counter.