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Saniflo macerators from MDS London


products provide new bathroom installations where previously they were too difficult.  In particular you can now install a new toilet or bathroom anywhere. Saniflo macerators are the biggest brand in Europe. Designed to make difficult situations straight forward . Namely reducing install costs.  A new bathroom can be difficult to install because of no drainage. A macerator by Saniflo will pump reliably to a drain connection. Using small bore pipes waste from bathrooms can be pumped up hill. Consequently you can install a new. W.C just about anywhere in your property. Coupled with reduced installation time means reduced cost of installation. There are a whole range of macerators for a wide range of applications. New kitchens, bathrooms and ensuites are all possible with a Saniflo. Compared to rivals Saniflo leads the way. Also trusted by the trade makes it the first choice. MDS sell Saniflo at discounted prices.

Reliable operation

complete with guarantees of up to three years for peace of mind. Usually to install a new Saniflo you require a power supply. Next a drainage connection to a soil stack. MDS always recommend you consult an experienced plumber. As a consequence there will be a product to suit your bathroom or kitchen. Supported by a network of engineers, a huge range of models makes Saniflo the number one choice. As a result Saniflo is not limited to just the domestic market. A range of commercial macerators and lifting stations for complete this range. When considering a new bathroom with drainage connection difficulties contact us. MDS can help you make the right choice in macerator pumps. No obligation quotations given and great advice from the sales team. Call MDS now on 020 8778 2887 or email In conclussion always consult the experts. However Saniflo makes installation easy.

saniflo macerator bathroom installation

saniflo macerator