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Saniflo pumps and macerators in stock at MDS london buy at best prices

MDS stock Saniflo pumps and macerators for bathrooms and kitchens and we supply the London area. Saniflo produce a range of small bore pumps designed for bathrooms, showers and kitchens usually in domestic properties but also commercial units are made. The great thing about Saniflo is that it can enable the installation of a bathroom or shower where once it was not possible to install anything. If you are short of space a Saniflo could be the answer. When you are choosing a macerator it is essential that you discuss with your plumbers merchant about the installation and what you are trying to achieve. There are different Saniflo pumps for different situations. MDS is more than happy to help with advice on these. General plumbing and installation situation will create different problems that a quick discussion will resolve. Fitting the right unit will ensure that the project delivers the right results and a macerator that will last for many years. Wherever you need to install a bathroom or kitchen you will find a Saniflo for your needs. The modern macerator is reliable, quick to install and very cost efficient. Call MDS on 020 8778 2887 or drop into our trade counter. You can always read more about Saniflo products online.