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Saniflo pumps and macerators London stockist and discounted prices

Saniflo produce pumps and macerator units for bathrooms and kitchens allowing the installation of plumbing where it was once impractical. Buying and installing a Saniflo can allow you to install a new kitchen or bathroom in remote rooms like lofts and basements. When installing a toilet, shower or kitchen the hot and cold water is the easy part. The thing that most often cause the problems is plumbing out the waste pipe. With a Saniflo the drainage is a pumped small bore pipe allowing you to carryout installations which were once cost prohibitive. A bath in the loft or a toilet beneath the stairs is all now possible. There are a wide range of pumps and macerators designed for different applications. Each pump or macerator is calculated to produce the very best results for each situation allowing the installation of a single sink or a complete bathroom suite. The Saniflo range is the best there is for the job. Saniflo have over 55 years’ experience in the macerator business so they know what they are talking about. Whichever the situation where you require a new toilet or shower then there is a unit that will give you the opportunity to install adding value to your property as well as the benefits a new bathroom gives. MDS stocks Saniflo products and can also help you in selecting the right product for the job. Contact the sales team on 020 8778 2887 or drop into our friendly trade counter.

Saniflo Installation