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South London water softeners buy at lowest prices quality units

When you buy a water softener from MDS in Sydenham you will purchase a leading brand of water softener for much less money than you think. Atlantis manufacture modern water softeners which are easy to install by any competent plumber and will cost you far less than other advertised softeners. Atlantis design and build water softeners for the U.K market and all models come with modern upgradeable electronics and leading softener technology. Programmed only to regenerate when the resin is exhausted the Atlantis uses less salt than other makes giving lower ongoing running costs. The Atlantis water softener has no clock so set up only takes a few moments. Meter control is standard on all units. The biggest seller we have found is the ever popular AT210 with its low purchase price and ease of installation this is a great unit for the average home. Small in size but big on performance with all the features of water softeners costing two or three times the price. Because when you buy the Atlantis water softeners you buy at low trade prices and employ a local plumber to install (like a washing machine) so you do not pay for sales reps commission and loaded prices which give you nothing extra in return. Test the MDS price by asking for a supply and installation from a water softener company that advertises in glossy magazines or television adverts and you will be amazed that you can buy and install a better softener for a fraction of the price. There is no catch so contact MDS of South London on 020 8778 2887 or buy online now.