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Tracpipe stockist in South London Lewisham, Forest Hill, Catford and surrounding areas

Tracpipe is stocked at London plumbers merchant MDS based in Sydenham. What is Tracpipe? Well it is a time saving high quality means of running gas services in awkward or time consuming situations. Tracpipe is not a low cost solution but it scores on saving time and work. Fast installation of new gas supplies is what you are paying for. When installing Tracpipe systems there are no unnecessary pipework joints as it is a continuous stainless steel flexible pipe built to the highest standards. When it comes to connecting the Tracpipe to other materials the jointing methods are beautifully manufactured once again to the highest engineering standard. The flexible pipework enables difficult pipe runs to be carried out in minutes reducing labour costs and improving profit margins. Joints are made by a simple precision compression fitting and all the tools required are a hacksaw and a pair of grips. No jointing compound is required. Any areas where the protective tape has been peeled back should be replaced and it is as simple as that. Call MDS on 020 8778 2887 and talk to us about Tracpipe.