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Vaillant boiler stockist in South London increasing sales with good service and low prices

Vaillant boiler stockist MDS is preparing for another busy year in sales. As an independent stockist of boilers we have to sell what the customer demands and in London our lead selling boiler is the Vaillant. Although much of our sales are contributed to the ongoing low price of our Vaillant boilers the Vaillant range is firmly established as the must have boiler. Vaillant are now a long established manufacturer of combination boilers and continually innovate and improve their models. The Ecotec range of boilers has been very prominent for some years but over the last twelve months we have noticed a big uptake in their latest offering the Pure Range. Why have the Pure Ecofit boilers taken off? There has been an extra discount promotion from Vaillant but also due to manufacturing techniques there is a lower production cost hence a lower sale price on these boilers. A new Vaillant brand combination boiler is less money than the Ecotec but comes with a longer warranty. A wide range of models are available so there is a boiler for all situations. At MDS we know that buying a new Vaillant boiler is not cheap and care is required when making that purchase so you end up with the right boiler for your needs. We are more than happy to help you choose the right boiler and give you every assistance you may require and of course there is no obligation to buy. At MDS we are so confident in our customer services and our pricing that we are sure you will return to make that important purchase from us. We have customer parking and also local deliveries can be arranged. Contact the MDS sales team on 020 8778 887 or email for pricing and advice.