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Vaillant Ecofit Pure boiler review and what you really need to know from MDS

The latest Ecofit Pure is the newest set of boilers from Vaillant launched in 2016. Designed as an easy to fit, easy to locate boiler the Ecofit offers two options with flueing. A standard top flue and also offering a very useful rear flue kit option. The boiler can be installed in a cupboard and other compact spaces with the benefit of up to 10 meters flue run. The new Ecofit is a first for Vaillant in many areas of design. MDS of London is now stocking the Ecofit.

The Ecofit Pure has adopted a new and lightweight heat exchanger constructed from Aluminium with larger waterways to minimise the likelihood of blockages and reduce turbulence. Aluminium helps reduce running costs because it is a better conductor of heat to. This new heat exchanger is high grade material using the latest casting technology to eliminate rusting with a cooling system designed to reduce stress and increase the life of the boiler. Aluminium is now considered the material of choice when manufacturing the latest generation of heat exchangers. Vaillant are offering a 5 year warranty as standard on the Pure with options of extending up to 10 years giving the customer peace of mind.

The new Pure comes in a number of options suitable for most sized domestic properties. This new combination boiler is available as a 35KW, 30KW and also a 25KW version. System boilers are 12 to 30KW and heat only range up to 35KW. With a full range of models available there is an Ecofit boiler for just about every application.

New low noise emission from the Ecofit means that you can install just about anywhere in the home. The Ecofit has the Quiet Mark stamp of approval which means no listening to a noisy heating boiler and being disturbed. Although this is the latest offering from Vaillant the Ecofit is fully compatible with all Vaillant accessories and controls including the new VSmart controller which is an app based means of controlling your home heating even when you are not there. Using Valliant’s own brand of heating controls means fast and effective installation and optimum performance.

Dimensions and Stats

25KW Combination 700mm x 390mm x 295mm

30KW Combination 700mm x 390mm x 295mm

35KW Combination 700mm x 390mm x 295mm

Rear Flue option on all models

10 metre horizontal flue run

PCDB seasonal efficiency rating 89%

ERP rating A/A all models.


An excellent new boiler to the Vaillant range offering good flue options, cupboard fit along with quiet operation. Engineers can be slow to pick up new models when they come into the market and the original models are still in production (it means the poor guy has to read the installation guide) but that said at MDS of London we are find that once a professional installer fits one they usually come back for more. The only niggle has been that the connections beneath are a bit tricky but the top tip is to fit the connections before the boiler is mounted upon the wall. A new boiler which is rapidly taking more market share fast.

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