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Vaillant Ecofit Pure boiler stockist MDS for lowest prices in South London great stock and service

Vaillant Ecofit gas boilers are growing in demand as they become more popular with the trade and end users. MDS is the leading stockist for Vaillant boilers in the London area hold lots of stock and always offering the best deals. Selecting a new boiler is always a serious business so seeking great advice as well as good service is a must. MDS likes to take a long view on a product as we will be here in the future so a bad product is always to be avoided. When the Ecofit Pure was first launched we were hesitant to take into stock but as the months went by we began selling the Pure boilers and now they are a first line product with constantly increasing boiler sales. The one thing we have noticed is how quick the usually conservative installers have switched onto this new product and its advantages. Cupboard fit, rear flue options, compact and quiet to name a few. A full range of combination boilers, system and heat only gives the customer everything they want. So to update some of our previous reviews as of March 2018 the outlook is good for the Vaillant Ecofit boiler with growing sales and proven reliability in the field, I think that Vaillant have a winner with this product but we have got to mention the price point. The Pure is quite a lot cheaper than the Ecotec so that is always an incentive. All our customers like a bargain and that is one of the reasons that MDS is one of the largest independent plumbing and heating merchants in London. Stock, low prices and great customer service all chalk up in our sales strategy so if you need a new boiler and the Vaillant Ecofit Pure is the one for you contact MDS in South London to save money.

Vaillants latest boiler the Pure with rear flue