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Vaillant Ecotec printed circuit boards 0020132764 is there an issue?

Is there an issue with the Vaillant Ecotec printed circuit board part number 0020132764? I do not know for sure but as we are an appointed stockiest for Vaillant boilers and spares we seem to sell an extraordinary number of these PCB’s. The printed circuit board for the common Ecotec boilers seems to be a recurring problem and whilst we like to sell products I have to raise an eyebrow on these. Of course it might be that there is an awful lot of Ecotec boilers in our surrounding area which may account for high sales. We would like to hear from any engineers who have a thoughts on these pricy little circuit boards so let us know if you have an opinion. We now sell as an alternative a lot of remanufactured printed circuit boards for the Ecotec at a much lower price of 99.00 pounds plus VAT. These are original boards that are remanufactured and not just repaired. The company called Reman is based in Holland and specialize in a limited number of heating products. All vital components on the board are replaced with a better grade hence their ability to provide a 3 year warranty on their boiler parts. Of course we do require the old PCB in exchange to keep the cycle of parts going. MDS is a long established supplier of heating products and boiler spares based in South London.