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Water softener review on the Atlantic AT350 Eco Logic is it Value for money

Water softener review the Atlantis 350 Eco Logic

The latest addition to the Atlantis range is the 350 Eco which build on the success of the earlier AT210. What is the reason for bringing out a new water softener when you have a long running and successful model already? Well it is all about reduction in energy, salt and water consumption. Considered by some a luxury but others in hard water areas an essential excessive consumption of energy needs to be avoided. The new AT350 Eco Logic ticks the boxes on that. This new generation softener comes with a ten year parts warranty and has full aftersales support in place which shows confidence in this product.

Key Features

The AT350 uses a remarkable 50% LESS water in regeneration and also will regenerate in half the time of the previous excellent model the AT210. A greater salt capacity means less loading. More soft water from less salt than any other water softener. A new slim line design meaning less installation space required. State of the art new electronics with quick and simple set up. The Atlantis uses the world’s most reliable water control valve meaning less likelihood of failure. This softener has meter control and will do partial regeneration which means more savings on salt usage. A built in health check system of its operating and L.E.D functions.

Benefits of Softened Water

Quite simply compared to hard water it is amazing! It is soft on your skin. Soft on your clothes when washed and all bathing, detergents and water soluble cleaning products work better and go further. The sensation of bathing or showering in softened water is far nicer than hard water. Soft water is kinder to your skin and hair.

Frequent Question about Water Softeners

Will softened water taste of salt?

No, salt is used to clean the resin and is flushed away. It is not actually part of the softening process.

Can I use soft water in my dishwasher?

Yes but you do not require to add salt to the appliance.

What salt do I use?

Tablet salt is best.

Will an AT350 eco Logic cope with a big family?

Yes, up to 8 persons within the household.

Is it easy to install?

Yes the 350 is. It is rather like installing a washing machine.

Can I use on an unvented hot water system?

You can by installing with a High Flow kit which we supply with the AT350.

How much salt will I use each month?

Approximately 1 bag in a month.


Although the AT350 costs more than the earlier model AT210 it has built on a reliable market leading model and made it better but more reliable with less water and salt consumption. Compared to other water softeners the AT350 is very well priced and delivers a lot more benefits. It is no great surprise that customer who wish to save on water and salt but also care about the environment will invest a bit more money up front for long term gains. A first class water softener and an easy leader in its field.

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