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Where can i buy a Worcester boiler in London ?

Worcester boilers are now one of the largest selling domestic boilers that we sell at MDS plumbers merchants in London. Although the Worcester boiler is probably one of the more expensive range of appliances that we sell it is certainly very popular with the trade and the end user. The really good points i feel are the fantastic after sales service which it is fair to say is second to none. When you purchase a boiler good back up is a must. We are a profile spares stockist and when we order parts they turn up the next day without fail. No company that we deal with matches the Worcester service.

The range of boilers has now grown and just about every application is now catered for with the new Greenstar condensing range built to the latest energy saving standards providing the maximum efficiency from the gas consumed. With a full range of flue options and a large range of control options there is very little to fault with this excellent boiler company. Worcester are also expanding their range with solar panels and heat pumps for the really energy conscious. It is small wonder we sell so many.