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Where can I buy fans gas valves printed circuit boards for a Baxi Solo gas boiler?

The Baxi Solo range of gas boilers have been a good selling boiler for Baxi. The range of boilers started with the Baxi Solo then as the years went by the some what unimaginative names of Baxi Solo Two and Three were added. That said these are proving to be a durable group of boilers and as long as the were properly installed are looking like they will all go the distance.

Because of the simple design and the way the Baxi Solo range of boilers are built they tend to have a few  boiler parts that are the standard sellers. Fans, printed circuit boards, gas valves and fans along with air pressure switches seem to be the core products.  MDS in Sydenham London carry the spares and are a appointed spares agent so you can trust that you are getting genuine parts with excellent service. You can buy Baxi parts online if you do not have access to their trade counter so obtaining spare parts and keeping those boilers working is no problem at all. MDS are now one of the largest independant gas spare stockists in the U.K.