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Where can I buy parts and spares for Sabre combination boilers in South London?

There is two main models for the Sabre range of gas fired combination boilers that have been sold in the U.K. The pre condensing range and then the later HE range which is a band B condensing boiler. These boilers were fairly low cost appliances and were popular with refurbisments and landlords. The boilers were easy to fit and so were quite widely fitted. MDS plumbers merchants and gas spares stockist which is based in Sydenham South London is a appointed spares agen for the boilers.

The Sabre range of combination boilers has just really started to require spare parts so it really is early days to work out the main sales patterns but so far fans, pumps, printed circuit boards and diverter valve are the main selling items. The boiler parts for the Sabre range will be put on their online site soon but for the moment you can buy at their brilliant trade counter along with a multitude of other products or they will send telephone ordered normally by next day delivery. The boiler is now currently marketed as a Pro HE 25 or 29 and is still selling.