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Which Are The Top Five Selling Boilers At MDS Heating Supplies?

Which are the top five selling boilers at MDS heating supplies?

Which are the top five selling boilers at MDS heating supplies? We have listed our top selling boilers this article and the reasons why. We thought we would share our knowledge that we have gained through selling more than three thousand boilers this year. MDS is listing the big five and have added further blogs discussing the merits and the myths. The opinions in this article are those conveyed by our loyal  trade customer base who have shared their first-hand experiences with us. How the top-selling boilers perform and any ongoing issues. There are links to manufacturer’s technical guides are provided in the sub-blogs to manufacturer’s web sites. When MDS talks about the top-selling five boilers we will refer to our local area of London. The top-selling boiler sales may not reflect the national picture.

Most of the top selling boilers are no surprise with names we all know like Worcester Bosch. In second our local favourite brand Vaillant. Recently Ideal boilers have become a strong contender snapping at the heels of Worcester Bosch. Ariston come along in fourth place with a big slice of the lower cost boiler market. A surprising boiler sale for us is the Intergas, not the largest seller by far but an interesting model with some strong attributes. All these appliances added up make the bulk of our sales in South London and the South East where our main customer base are located and work. If you need to purchase a new boiler purchase then please read or even drop in and talk to the team. At MDS sales we give genuine independent unbiased advice. So please read which are the top five selling boilers to buy article.

So why listen to MDS about what boiler to buy? because MDS is an independent supplier of boilers. We listen to our customer and take on board their information on boiler quality and after-sales service, We know from hard-won experience which are the top five selling boilers in London. Contact the sales team before you buy.

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