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Which is the best shower to install?

When installing a shower you should make your decision on model after considering a few things. If you are spending time and good money on installing a new shower you want years of good service and if there ever is a problem access to spare parts and technical advice.

After almost 40 years in the industry Aqualisa take some beating. The range is now very large with showers for just about every installation requirement. MDS hold most Aqualisa showers in stock at very competitive prices also selling online for those not able to access their London showroom. We still sell spare parts for the original black and chrome Aqualisa which were installed 25 years ago. We obtain parts with no problem at all.

Now that is how i would rate the best shower. Above all these stylish units when correctly chosen have outstanding performance, great styles and excellent guarantees. If you are looking to purchease a new shower Aqualisa should be on your shopping list.