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Which make of Combination boiler is the best one to buy?

Which make of combination boiler you buy depends on many things. MDS gives honest and unbiased advice because we our totally independent as a boiler supplier. If you read all the glossy brochures and very often articles online you will get a skewed opinion. Most articles are just pure advertising. MDS is a London based stockist but we sell thousands of combination boilers annually so we get a long term view point based on our own genuine customer feedback and first-hand knowledge of any warranty issues and customer services. When you are considering a new boiler budget will always be an issue, if you can afford the premium brands like Vaillant or Worcester then quite possibly you might not consider anything else. Certainly these companies are very well financed and offer great aftersales service and support along with a big range of boilers to choose from. The big brands are not necessarily any better on build and reliability than some of the cheaper smaller makes. Makes like Ideal are now challenging the top selling slots with cheaper models which give good performance and a good range of products. Aftersales is improving with the new bigger selling brands because they have to keep up with market expectations. Ariston boiler produce very competitive boilers which are no lesser on build and quality but still come with great warranties however it is much harder to compete with the biggest names with the biggest marketing budgets, after all who sponsors your weather now!. There are some very good niche products that are big in Europe but only sell to a dedicated band of installers like Viessmann and Intergas. Both very good boilers but quite small sellers in the U.K. There is not much to choose from in general on the main selling combination boilers as modern production techniques and quality control have levelled the playing field but very good boilers can be bought for much less than the big two names Worcester and Vaillant if you wish to save money. Of course there are a number of boilers which are sold purely on price and nothing much else. If you buy and install one of these aftersales and support will always tend to be a shoe string operation and often you will find engineers reluctant to work on them at a later date. Buying the very cheapest may prove to be a source of regret Call into MDS and the sales team will advise you without obligation on which brands are suitable to choose from. All combination boiler work but if are looking for a long term situation the right decision for your budget and requirements is a must. MDS will help you make that choice. You can even just phone us anytime to ask for information after all we just to talk boilers.

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