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Why buy an Intergas boiler at MDS in Lewisham South London?

Why buy an Intergas domestic boiler? There are number of reasons why Intergas have a steady and loyal following with installers who buy and install Intergas appliances on a regular basis. Intergas is a solid, dependable and very reliable gas boiler which is slowly but surely gaining in popularity in the United Kingdom. Produced in a large Dutch factory Intergas is a big seller throughout Europe. It was the Dutch market who pioneered the condensing boiler market many years ago so Intergas do not lack experience gained over the long term. At the heart of the Intergas boiler is the solid Aluminium heat exchanger with its ten year warranty but in truth these heat exchangers never fail. The second major selling feature is with only four moving parts and no diverter or plate to plate heat exchanger less is more, more reliability and less parts to fail so it is no wonder Intergas won the H and V award for 2016 with its boiler design. Intergas have an entry level warranty of seven years and ten years on the heat exchanger but warranties can be extended subject to terms and conditions. There is a full range of boilers produced and MDS is happy to help you make the right choice when purchasing a new boiler so call MDS on 020 8778 2887.Why not view online the Intergas options for your heating system?