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Why should I buy a Vaillant boiler and is it really the best choice?

There are a number of good reason why you should consider buying and installing a new Vaillant gas boiler in your house or next heating project. MDS know a lot about boilers and we sell thousands every year from our London based plumbing and heating trade counter. All boiler manufacturers will claim that their boiler is the best in the world, it is only natural and just advertising. Vaillant do have good reason to be at least right up there at the top of the pile though. Vaillant was established in 1874 and started in the hot water business after many years of simple hot water systems they came up with the early combination boiler in 1967. That when all is said and done is an incredible start as a company. Vaillant began to make inroads into the U.K boiler market in the late seventies and was an established company in the early days of combi boilers in Britain. As the years have rolled on The Vaillant Group has become a giant of a boiler company with pan European production and boilers in all countries although Britain is one of its largest markets. Now Vaillant produce a wide range of boilers and hot water cylinders designed for all applications. A whole range of boiler controls, flue systems and auxiliary equipment all under the Vaillant brand. Vaillant has become a far reaching innovative company continually updating and evolving. The modern Vaillant boiler is now a very well manufactured, reliable and cost effective appliance giving excellent energy conservation. Of course Vaillant is a premium product and is certainly not the cheapest boiler in the market but it has a well earned reputation of being one of the best. A great product with great aftersales support and a loyal band of gas installers who fit nothing else. These are some of the reasons why you should consider installing a new Vaillant boiler. Should you wish to find out more about Vaillant boiler then why not call MDS on 020 8778 2887 or drop in to our trade counter and meet the sales team. MDS is a fully independent heating supplier and sells all leading boiler brands. Our advice is free and without obligation so why not ask us which Vaillant is best for you?