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Worcester Combi Boiler Spares and Spare Parts

It is not for nothing that the Worcester Bosch brand has become one of the most popular boilers in the U.K. With their five year warranties and market leading after sales this company will only go from strength to strength. At MDS we believe in the old saying “pile it high and sell it cheap!”. Because of our buying power we can bring you Worcester boilers like the CDI range at the lowest possible prices. Mind you because of our ongoing support of this leading brand MDS is a Profile Stockist of after sales boiler spares and parts which means we guarantee to stock the spares you need when you need them. Worcester Bosch are rightly proud of their post sales support of these excellent products.

Over the years Worcester have kept pace with the changing market with the continual addition and improvement of the boiler range and the supply of parts. There is now a new line of floor standing boilers to replace the old inefficient units that now require updating. MDS is happy to help you make the right decision when purchasing a Worcester boiler.

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