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Yes it’s hot but we still need to think about boiler installation and repairs

It is June and yes it is really hot now but we still need our boilers to work. The last thing we probably want to consider is our gas boiler now but there is no better time. We still depend on our boiler to produce hot water in summer and even more so with the rise of the combination boiler. It is a great time to think about service and repairs of existing gas boilers. Because we are not too concerned about cold weather a little bit of down time now for a service or a repair is no problem. Gas engineers have more time on their hands and are often doing incentive prices to pick up some extra business. Hot weather slows down the heating industry. Of course many of you have been putting off the dreaded moment of boiler replacement. You did not want the inconvenience in winter but now it is summer you have nicer things to spend your money on. Let’s face it boilers are boring but on the other hand they are essential to modern life.

At MDS plumbers merchant we believe that now is the best time to make that big purchase and improve your old inefficient heating system with a modern boiler. We always have ongoing promotions where you will save money on big ticket items like boilers. MDS is a leading supplier of boilers and central heating equipment in South London. You can purchase items on behalf of your professional installer or just ask them to contact us now on 0208 778 2887. We sell all leading brands of boilers and central heating equipment at the lowest prices. But one thing, please remember that all gas equipment requires the installation and maintenance to be carried out by a suitably qualified person. MDS is a specialist supplier of boiler to all areas including Lewisham, Forest Hill, Sydenham, and Catford and all over London. We are happy to give no obligation free advice on boiler replacement or repairs.

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