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You really need to sort that boiler out now! ask MDS of London why

Just because it is summer try not to forget about that boiler tucked away in that cupboard. Out of sight and out mind for the moment but come the end of summer you will want that old faithful boiler to work. It really does pay to get your boiler serviced in the summer long before it is required to work flat out. Most boiler engineers are getting quieter when the sun is shining so they are often more likely to give a discount on works. It is tempting to put off repairs, servicing and boiler replacements but as we know the great British summer often ends quite abruptly. Customers panic when heating fails and boiler engineers get too busy to call in there and then. It is the best time to carryout repairs or significant jobs like a boiler replacement. Even companies like ourselves as a boiler stockist run promotions in summer with a squeeze on discounts or some free product creating saving benefits for the customer. We understand at MDS that a central heating boiler is not the most exciting thing in the world but when it is needed it becomes a whole lot more important. Contact your boiler engineer now and arrange that service or repair sooner rather than later as it save time, money and problems at a later date.